All Questions about the Billion Tree Campaign

Can I register trees I already planted?

Yes. We count all the trees that have been planted since November 2006, when the Billion Tree Campaign began. But the trees can naturally only be counted once. So please make sure that nobody else has already registered them.

Can I invite my friends to plant trees or to promise to plant some and to join the Billion Tree Campaign?

Sure! Use the social media icons at the end of the pages to share.

How do you check that the trees have really been planted?

If someone registers a high number of planted trees we get in touch to make sure that this person was really able to plant that amount of trees. Of course, we ask for pictures to support their claim.

As we provide maps with the locations of planted trees everyone can check if they are really there. If there aren’t any trees in the registered area, please send a picture to the billiontreecampaign@plant-for-the-planet.org and we will remove them from the database. Furthermore, everyone has the chance to upload a picture of their planting activity.

It is everyone’s own responsibility to only register trees that have really been planted

How do I show friends where my trees have been planted?

We have a map which shows where many of the trees have been planted. But naturally we rely on the data being provided by the planters to show this.

Why should I pledge trees?

Everybody should plant at least 150 trees. In wealthy countries even 1000. To achieve this number you have a whole lifetime. Therefor you can pledge an amount of trees you would like to plant in the course of your life.

What is the aim of the Billion Tree Campaign?

The aim of the Billion Tree Campaign is to encourage mass tree planting on a global scale in order to prevent the earth’s global mean temperature from rising by more than 2°C. We not only have to reduce CO2 emissions, we also have to bind the carbon in the long-term. Trees are the best solution. The Billion Tree Campaign is supposed to bring planting trees into the public’s consciousness.

There are already a lot of trees where I am – is it really necessary to plant even more?

Yes, absolutely! Maybe in your region there are already many trees and maybe there is not much space to plant new ones. But there are many regions all over the world where is enough space to plant new trees. If you can´t plant trees in your region by yourself there are many organizations all over the world planting trees to whom you can make a donation.

When I compare the data in the lists with the data on the maps there are some discrepancies. Why?

The listings show the origin oft he people who planted trees. If for example someone living in Italy has planted trees, these trees will be shown in the Italy list, no matter where the trees were actually planted. On the map otherwise, the location of the tree planting is shown, e.g. Mexico.

It is only possible for us to show planting data and locations if tree planters share their information with us. Only if you fill in where your trees have been planted it will be shown on the map.

Who is allowed to register trees?

Basically everyone who plants a tree can register it as a planted tree. You can plant as a private person, as a company, as a school with your classmates or as part of any other organization. However, there is one exception:

Reforestation as part of commercial forestry (i.e. sustainable forest management for industry) is not going to be counted because only felled trees are being replaced. But if someone reforests an area that was previously deforested by someone else the planted trees count as new ones.

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